Welcome to Bird Watching

Welcome to Bird Watching. Here you can find information on the perfect spots where you can enjoy watching birds around UK. We also collect reviews of places where people have been so that you always know where the best locations are. At Bird Watching we also have a collection of tours where you can go to watch birds both trained and untrained in the wild.

If you want to go on bird watching outside of UK, combining it with your holidays, we have the perfect locations for you around the world. There are many popular places where you can go and safely watch birds in their original habitat without disturbing them.

We also have a collection of advice for both novice and experienced bird watches along with the equipment that you will find useful in your travels. You may find new items for you for both watching birds and taking beautiful pictures and videos. There is nothing better than an exotic bird soaring in the sunset.

Welcome to Bird Watching

Welcome to Croydon Bird Watching. We are a group of bird watching covering the UK and the rest of the world.

There are many species of birds even in UK, currently 574 species are known to have been in UK. There are millions of species but some have only been seen a few times.

Typical British garden birds include:

These birds tend to roam around most of Britain. These birds are mostly used to having humans around and have adapted to survive in cities in great numbers. If you want to see more birds that can be seen in UK please look at our bird index for the whole bird collection.

There are many great spots in UK to go on bird watching. With over 18,000 of birding sites in UK, you can always choose one that is close to you. At those sites you can see far more exotic birds that are natural to the UK, some you would not even think that actually come here. If you want to know more feel free to look at our top 10 birding sites in the UK!